Monday, 11 March 2019

Update To Club Site

New version of club website posted today with a couple of small additions;

1. New 'Past Commodore' role board, sub-menu of 'Officers' to record on our site all those who have served in that role since the club was founded.

2. ROFF pennant on 'Community' page now replaced with their formal crest.

3. Some minor system updates to improve site loading speed.

That's all for now folks.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Introduction To The New Club Website

Don't forget that tomorrow night Ray will be giving a basic introduction to the new club website from 8:00 pm in the club house.

Pop along and get the info on how to get the best from our new site. Below is some basic information in case you can't make it.

Rochester Cruising Club – Web Site Info.
Web address:

* News page address:

* Events page address:
(To use independent Android app download TEAMUP CALENDAR from Play Store and enter the Events page address as above.)
* Gallery page address:
(Post photo for uploading to

Boating Info Page: Click on tide or weather part of the page for full details.

Monday, 4 March 2019

New Photos In The Gallery

Some photos of the annual dinner and dance awards have now been posted in the Photo Gallery.

If you have better quality ones than mine, or interesting ones from the evening please sent them to me at .

As always any photos of club events are welcomed for publication, as are photos of club boats (please supply boat name & make and model). Did you know that on the News page there is a facility to enter your email address to get regular updates of News postings, try it.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Update To Club Web Site

The latest version of the new club web site has now been published, the main update is the fact that it is now mobile friendly and will present an easier to use version if you log into the site from a mobile phone or tablet.

You will still see the normal version if you use a PC.

There are a couple of other changes in the fact that a separate page has been identified in order to make it easier for potential members to gain information about joining, this and the members information page have been moved towards the top of the menu list.

Also a counter has been added to the Home page & New Members page for development purposes.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Photo Gallery

The new 'Flickr' photo gallery will enable you to have published photo of club events, members or club boats. These will be organised into albums for easy access and are of good quality and can be downloaded or shared with other members.

A gallery manager will be nominated who will receive your photos via e-mail and publish them on the site, also managing the albums and content. This is very new to the club so bear with us if we encounter teething troubles in the early months. 😄

A mobile phone app for Flickr can be downloaded for Android or IPhone, the site address is or use the QR code here;

Please be aware that the site is currently a public one and all the rules regarding posting of images apply.

Events Calendar

The Events Calendar page is planned to give you all the information you need on forthcoming social, inshore and offshore events. Plus information on who has booked the scrubbing berth in the coming months.

There are 4 sub calendars on the page, each one colour coded, Inshore cruises, Offshore cruises, Social events and Scrubbing Berth bookings. Click on any calendar item to receive full information on that event.

Each committee member with responsibility for a particular area will have full access to the calendar so as to publish or amend any item they put up. Everyone else has READ ONLY rights to view.

A small app for Android or IPhone can be downloaded so that you can be fully aware of everything happening right on your phone. Download the app and enter as the URL or scan the QR code here: